Proteus Air Services

Simulator & Facilities

We are very proud of our school, and the reputation we have as a leading aviation training providing. Please feel free to stop in and say hello, look over our fleet of aircraft, and check out our awesome new TouchTrainer flight simulator!



Our TouchTrainer flight simulator accurately depicts a wide range of aircraft setups including standard Cherokee 6 pack avionics, Garmin GNS430, Cirrus Avidyne and Cirrus Garmin Perspective. We have both standard Piper yoke and Cirrus side stick controllers.

Proteus is a comfortable, well-equipped home away from home for our students and renters. Our ramp is right outside our back door. We have fast Apple computers for briefings, a well stocked lending library of aviation books, complimentary headset use, free coffee and much more.

Proteus Office Santa Monica

Santa Monica Classroom