Why choose our part-ownership program?

Join a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for aviation. Connect with co-owners, exchange flying experiences, and build lasting friendships within our exclusive aviation community.

Shared Costs

Experience the joy of aircraft ownership without the hefty price tag. In our part-ownership program, you share the costs of purchasing and maintaining the aircraft with fellow enthusiasts, making ownership more accessible.

Flexible Usage

Enjoy flexible access to the aircraft. Reserve your flying time, ensuring you have the freedom to plan your flights without the constraints of traditional aircraft ownership.

Professional Management

Leave the management and maintenance of the aircraft to us. Our experienced team takes care of regular upkeep, generate revenue through flight training and rentals, ensuring the aircraft is in top condition for each flight.

How the part-ownership program works


Schedule a consultation with our team to discuss the part-ownership program, available aircraft, and ownership options.

Ownership Agreement

Once you choose an ownership percentage, we'll formalize the ownership agreement outlining rights, responsibilities, and usage terms.

Cost Sharing

Share the initial purchase cost and ongoing expenses based on your ownership percentage.

Flexible Scheduling

Enjoy the flexibility to schedule your flying time based on your ownership share, ensuring fair and convenient access.

Professional Management

Our team takes care of maintenance, ensuring the aircraft is always ready for your next adventure.


Receive a percentage revenue share of flight training, and rentals.

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Ready to co-own your own aircraft?

The Aircraft Part-Ownership Program at Proteus opens up new possibilities for aviation enthusiasts. Take the first step toward co-owning an aircraft and join a community that values the freedom of flight.

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