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Founded in 1996, our mission is simple: provide the very best flight instruction and customer service to our students and renters.

The flight training process

To be a certificated private pilot, you need to fly with an instructor as well as solo later in your training for a number of hours set by the FAA. There is also a written exam and a practical test with an examiner known as a check ride.

Minimum age to fly solo

16 years

Minimum age for license

17 years


20 hours


10 hours

Dual cross country

3 hours

Solo cross country

150 miles

Night flying

3 hours

Instrument training

3 hours

Minimum total time to take check ride

40 hours

Typical flight hours to pass check ride with us

70 hours

Advance training

The first step beyond the private certificate for most pilot is the complex and high performance endorsement, that allows you to fly faster and more complicated aircraft.


The commercial rating is required for you to fly for hire, and is a critical step on the road to a career in the air. Our Piper Arrow is ideal for the commercial rating.

Instrument rating

More than half of certificated pilots end up training for an instrument rating. Instrument flights are very difficult to master and extremely useful.


Train with us in our Piper Arrow and quickly add a complex airplane endorsement to your certificate.


If you love to fly and you would like to get paid to teach others to fly, you should consider becoming a certificated flight instructor.

Santa Monica Airport

Situated on the sparkling Southern California coastline, Santa Monica Municipal Airport (KSMO) is the oldest operating airport in Los Angeles County with a heritage dating back to 1919, in the pioneering days of Barn Stormers and Wing Walkers.

Santa Monica Airport

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